COVID reusable cloth mask production is our top priority while the use of reusable face masks for kids and adults to help slow the spread of coronavirus. Cloth face mask in small, medium, and large sizes and reusable 3 layer antibacterial cotton face mask are now available.

Reusable 3 Layer Face Mask - Fashion Cloth Face Masks Wholesale - Bulk Supplier of Cotton Face Mask Vietnam Made

It's everything about getting the correct fit and covering your bases. A reusable 3 layer face mask should cover the extension of the nose, mouth, and both horizontal sides of the cheeks to keep air from entering. There are numerous individuals who inappropriately wear one or get the wrong size with the nose uncovered, which nullifies the point of wearing a veil in any case.



This is the reason we have manufactured high-quality large size antibacterial reusable cloth face masks which are 3 layers protection made in Vietnam. We produce bulk colorful custom printed cotton fashion face masks that are reusable, washable and comes at wholesale price. These reusable fashion cloth face masks wholesale that are in demand worldwide. 


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Material Used For Manufacturing Reusable 3 Layer Face Mask 

The best materials for large size antibacterial reusable fashion cloth face mask 3 layers, manufactured in Vietnam which are


  • in light of filtration and breath ability

  • are cotton-made textures, explicitly denim, 80 to 120 string


The wholesale cotton face masks Vietnam sellers propose hold up your texture to light; the more hazy it is, the better. A few mask veils accompany an opening for a removable channel like an espresso channel or a paper towel. 


An ongoing report additionally found that when a nylon loading was worn over a cover, it worked surprisingly better by making a more tight seal—sometimes in any event, beating clinical evaluation careful veils. You can find wholesale reusable face masks, Vietnam made cotton mask bulk sellers have them in stock.


Despite the fact that it's been generally detailed, it bears rehashing: With a deficiency of N95 masks as yet continuous, the best thing you can accomplish for medicinal services experts is to spare careful veils for them—and pick a texture or ANTI bacterial cotton reusable cloth mask 3 layers From Vietnam.

Why People Use Reusable Cloth Mask Vietnam Made

A three-layer cotton reusable mask from face mask wholesale Vietnam sellers to address the deficiency of the defensive apparatus has been created. 

Demonstrated on the lines of the careful cover, banian material structures the internal layer from inside, nylon texture goes about as center layer and cotton texture is the external layer. 

Our major priority is to produce the best quality reusable cloth mask in bulk and export it to the countries who are affected due to COVID 19, so that we can slow the flow, and break the chain of coronavirus.

Why You Should Use Anti Bacterial Reusable Cloth Mask 3 Layers 

Face masks have become the standard after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention prescribed that everyone wears a face mask and covers out in the open to diminish the spread of COVID-19. 


Accordingly, numerous organizations have rotated to making a disposable/ reusable face mask. Purchasers would now be able to discover masks in practically any style and material, including cotton, polyester and nylon. Numerous covers accompany a channel worked in or as a replaceable component. You can likewise purchase channels independently and embed them into face veils that consider it. Furnishing a face cover with a channel should expand its viability in sifting through particulates. 


Having a material veil and embedding another texture or material for extra filtration and insurance may improve the security offered by a home cover. This might be especially useful for veils produced using free fiber weaves, which offer protection from wind streams. 


Covering the nose and mouth is a piece of a prescribed overall exertion to help forestall the spread of the coronavirus, which transmits effectively from hacks and wheezes and from beads in your breath. 


The CDC suggests that you wear a face-covering mask out in the open spots where social separation is beyond the realm of imagination, similar to the market. Recollect that social separating is as yet key, since 1 layer mask covers may not keep you from securing COVID-19. For that reason, we have manufactured a high quality reusable and washable cloth face mask to slow the spread of ailment by catching bigger particles (like your spit) inside the cover.

What To See Before Choosing Anti Bacterial Reusable Fashion Cloth Mask 

When looking for masks, search for one that is produced using cotton. It'll be progressively agreeable and simpler to crease up and haul around in your pocket. Some have a channel pocket. Fashion face masks that utilize thicker material and plans with more layers may trap bigger particles you inadvertently discharge through talking, hacking or wheezing, and provide good comfort to wear. 


Whichever style you pick, the reusable fashion face mask you purchase our product is sufficiently wide to cover your nose and jawline, and ought to be cozy enough not to make holes. A tight fit will help keep out enormous particles that move through the air, as from sniffles. On the off chance that your determination ends up being awkward, here are a few different ways to make your face cover progressively agreeable to wear.

How To Start Using Reusable Cloth Mask

Make sure to wash the cover before putting it on. You should purchase various masks with the goal that you generally have a spotless one close by - you'll have to wash it at whatever point you return home in the wake of going out in the open.

Reusable Fashion Face Mask Features:

Breathable, Lightweight, Flexible versatile lashes agreeable large fit For Most People.


The simple versatile component makes it an extremely simple errand to wear and take out


This is the best regular use face mask to battle contamination, dust, chilly, overwhelming breeze and from forestalling another particulate issue 


Fashion face mask widely used while traveling adornment appropriate against dust, germs, COVID, allergies, smoke, pollution, ash, pollen, crafts, gardening, anonymity, can be utilized at wherever like office, work environment, home, outside running, cycling, riding, cruiser, carpentry, yard cutting and other open-air exercises 


The agreeable and lightweight configuration permits it to the crease and fits inside pocket when not being used 


Easy to wash and helpful to wear in the day by day life. Ideal for wearing during open-air exercises  


100% cotton face mask with 3 layers of cotton

Reusable Fashion Face Mask Care Instructions: 

Completely wash the mask with high temp water and cleanser inside 24 hours of utilization or on the off chance that it gets wet/ruined. Try not to wash it with different garments. 


Absorb mask with high-quality anti-bacterial detergents, in boiling water for 15-20 minutes and wash it completely with a cleanser. Dry it in the sun. Note – Bleaching is suggested, in any case, it isn't required and won't influence the proficiency of the cover 


Make a point to appropriately discard the channel following 24 hours.


Careful cleaning of material masks is basic. 


Try not to impart your face mask to anybody in the family or something else. 


Ensure your mask is tight enough for you to have the option to inhale while making no holes.

Reusable Fashion Cloth Mask - Product Dimension

Size of carton : 58 x 32 x 38 cm

250 pcs / box (different color and design)

MOQ 4 cartons

How Are We The Best Reusable Fashion Cloth Mask Manufacturer

We are the driving supplier of clinical innovation items and one of the world's best ANTI bacterial reusable fashion cloth mask 3 layer Vietnam made. The company structures create, produce and supplies single-utilize clinical high-quality masks utilized by emergency clinics and social insurance suppliers for analytic and helpful strategies in basic consideration and careful applications.

Our Vietnam made face mask productivity is 500k weekly. That means total production involved in a process divided by the number of variable unit inputs employed reaches 500k per week which is high. It provides a high advantage if you buy the antibacterial reusable fashion cloth mask 3 layers in bulk or a 3 layer reusable cloth mask wholesale. Our bulk face masks for sale for adults and youth.

Reusable Fashion Cloth Mask Shipping Details

Because of the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, we are unable to ship through ship outside Vietnam. In case you need the products, additional flight charges would be applicable. Our product is manufactured in a safe and professional environment with the utmost safety approach and is completely safe to use and is of standard quality.