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Surgical Face mask manufacturer in Vietnam. We have a big surgical face mask manufacturing factory to produce, supply, and exporter of facemasks. Leading Manufacturers and Suppliers of Surgical Mask. Buy bulk wholesale online surgical face masks at a low price. Order in bulk comfortable and protective disposable face masks at an affordable price.

In light of the current situation around the globe, people have been suffering in many different ways. People have been unable to connect and meet with their friends and families. Most of us have been stuck inside our homes for months. But for us, those who are privileged, don’t have to go outside on a daily basis to work and make a living. Laborers, daily wage workers, store managers, healthcare workers, etc. go to work every day in the middle of a pandemic.

But since the government has eased down restrictions on lockdown, the number of people going out in public has seen a vast increase. Restaurants, gyms, and other social places have started opening.

To ensure safety and so as to contain the spread of COVID-19 as much as possible, governments around the world have made it mandatory for people to wear masks in public. Masks contain and slow down the spread of any virus containing germs. Sanitization and mandatory temperature checks are conducted at restaurants and departmental stores. Any public place is now regularly sanitized to kill any virus containing bacteria. Furthermore, it is our duty as citizens of this earth to protect those who are more vulnerable to suffer from this virus. Old aged citizens with underlying health problems such as heart diseases, diabetes, respiratory problems, and low immune systems have a higher risk of fatality from COVID-19.

Surgical Mask Manufacturer
Surgical Mask Manufacturer Vietnam

Purchase in Bulk from a Surgical Mask Manufacturer in Vietnam To Ensure Safety For You & Your Loved Ones

The most common mistake that most people make when purchasing face masks is that they only purchase one disposable surgical mask. They have to be bought in bulk through which you can use a new fresh face mask every day. After regular usage, disposable surgical face masks tend to get roughed up and dirty. Most importantly, they get less effective at preventing the spread of viruses with every use. Therefore, to protect you and your family from COVID-19, not only should you abide by restrictions, but you should also purchase disposable surgical face masks in bulk from a trusted surgical mask supplier.

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The surgical mask suppliers at FaceMask Vietnam, sell and produce a range of products that will protect you and your family from the coronavirus. These surgical mask suppliers produce disposable surgical masks in three various levels. The first level, a level 1 face mask is the general standard for both surgical and procedural applications, with a liquid obstruction of 80 mmHg. These are perfect for circumstances where there is no liquid or vapor. Level 2 surgical face masks have a 120-mmHg liquid obstruction.

If you work around vaporized liquid or splashes in your everyday life, this should be your go-to. On the other hand, if you want to go overboard and ensure the utmost safety for yourself and your loved ones, you can go for level 3 surgical face masks that obstruct airborne, liquid or splashes of bacteria. They are equipped with 160 mmHg liquid opposition.

Surgical mask suppliers at Facemask Vietnam manufacture disposable surgical masks with non-woven texture, which have better microscopic organisms’ filtration and air penetrability than woven fabric. The material that is used is usually polypropylene, either 20 or 25 grams per square meter. Polystyrene, polycarbonate, polyethylene, or polyester can also be used.

Not only are they surgical mask suppliers, they also have a range of products such as surgical gowns, disposable PPE gowns, disposable face masks, disposable KN95 face masks, isolation gowns, reusable 3-layer face masks, reusable 2-layer face masks, reusable cloth face masks, reusable cotton face masks, reusable fashion cloth face masks, and antibacterial face masks.

The face masks produced by disposable face mask suppliers at Facemask Vietnam runs several tests. Microscopic organisms’ filtration proficiency in vitro (BFE) test, molecule filtration efficiency test, breathing opposition test, sprinkle obstruction and combustibility tests are done. Therefore, when you trust Facemask Vietnam for your disposable facemask needs, you are putting yourself and your family in safe hands. They guarantee delivery in safe and healthy conditions.

Facemask Vietnam exports its protection gear to around 90 countries. They truly care about their customers and are in the facemask manufacturing business to ensure health and well-being of the people. They guarantee affordable shipping prices anywhere you are.

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