Order Face Mask With Company Logo in Bulk

Order Face Mask With Company Logo in Bulk
Order Face Mask With Company Logo in Bulk

The year 2020 marked the spread of the virus around the world which was later reported to the World Health Organization. This virus was known as the Corona Virus or COVID 19. It was caused because of eating an infected bat which was infectious and started spreading like wildfires. Hence, with the spread of this virus, face masks have become compulsory for every human being to wear them.

Face masks with brand name production have now become the top priority of our company while the use of face masks for kids and adults to help slow the spread of coronavirus. Our company provides the best quality face mask in small, medium and large sizes of face masks which are disposable.

Custom Logo Printed Bulk Order Face Masks for Companies, Organizations, Businesses, Institutions

Our company creates facemasks by adding logos, text and designs. Our facemasks have ear holding straps. It is made of moisture control polyester with a cotton finish inner layer. The facemasks are light breathable material which provides breathing comfort.

A face mask can protect people from the virus by wearing them in addition to the continued social distancing, self-quarantining at home and proper hygiene measures. People can customize these masks with their name, logo or message of community support. These facemasks can also be a thoughtful and timely giveaway idea for the customers and employees.

Order bulk facemask to know the custom facemask price in bulk, Call us: +84 (0) 933 914 065.

Wholesale Mask Purchase From Online

In this chaos of global catastrophe, when everyone is struggling to save the lives of themselves and others, masks take on the leading responsibility to help foster social and health well-being. In this case, has provided the voluminous task of making custom masks on-line or wholesale. So, if you're trying to buy a mask online, you should check it out. It provides services across all over the world like the USA, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, Europe, India, and Russia. We are covering towns, villages and bigger cities and distributing, supplying our facemask.

Wearing a mask is not as artless as it appears to be. There are different forms of discount that signify the discount form for each. However, the main types of masks used to avoid coronavirus are as follows…

Mask against coronavirus

N95/KN95 Mask - N95 Respirator Mask recommended by WHO.

Clothes Masks - Recommended Doctor's cloth cover, composed of either three layers or of a very fine cloth.

Disposable Mask - Three-layer disposable face mask. Be sure all the layers are there before you purchase them.

Reusable face mask - Our reusable face masks are made of breathable cotton, polycotton, high quality fabrics, washable to help combat disease transmission.

Surgical Masks - It's to medical people to use at the time of every surgical procedure. It's either a linen or a three-layer microscopic cotton cloth, which is reversible.

They are designed to deter emissions, categorized on a particulate matter (PPM) basis, such as PM 2.5, 5, 10, UV-ray protector. Be alert, they are entirely different from anti-bacterial masks.

Note: Please remember that these masks are meant specifically for the purpose of promoting immunity and having a thin lid for Germinal infection. They may not include the Personal Prevention Package or the PPE.

Bulk facemask to know the personalized facemask price in bulk, Call us: +84 (0) 933 914 065.

Guidelines for the use of a Personalised Face Mask

There are few guidelines for wearing a mask. This isn't as normal. These are the ones. Please follow the tips below, which detail how to put on, remove and clean your custom face masks:

How to wear a mask:

Clean your hand first and at least the portion of your lips. Clean your hand and face with a clean towel or a handkerchief.

Clean your hands with the sanitizer correctly. Then bring the mask on. Adjust it a bit from the middle of the nose to the bottom of the chin. Properly cover the field.

After wearing the mask, wash your hands with the sanitizer again.

Be patient, after you put on the mask, don't remove it until it's very urgent.

How to remove your mask:

At the end of the day, when you get back home, don't be in a rush to take the mask.

Next, wash your hands with daily soap to the elbows.

Soak up in a towel. Touch the mask, then. Whether it is reusable, wash it first, and if it is disposable, cover it in the paper first, and dump it in the dustbin.

Wash your hands again

How to wash your mask:

While you can wash it with normal water as recommended by your doctor, wash the mask at least at 60 degrees Celsius temperature along with the regular detergent.

Dry it in the room itself or in the shower instead of drying out.

So, before the impact of Corona retreats, keep yourself safe and preserve hygiene along with social distances.

Know that self-hygiene is self-responsibility.

How do I make a custom mask?

There are lots of choices for having a personal mask. Identified as a designer mask in other respects. As it can be printed in a number of formats, both of these can be seen on various platforms when encouraging social consciousness. So, to make your own personalized face mask, you've got to follow the steps.

Step 1: Visit the Facemask-Vietnam website

Step 2: Reach them through call or WhatsApp

Step 3: Share your design, logo and all your requirements to our face mask manufacturer

Step 4: Your will order of bulk custom facemask will be delivered to your respect address

Our Facemask-Vietnam Feature




Bulk orders only: 10 minimum

Desired colors and prints

Multiple fabric layers of sustainable cotton

Elastic ear loops for close fitting

On-time delivery

Value for money

Buy Logo Printed Face Masks - Corporate Face Masks in Bulk

When offices open for a long period of time, a range of company logo printed face masks or Corporate face masks can be issued to workers as to whether they are allowed to wear them. Similarly, a collection of promotional face masks will be circulated in the next promotional case. And the law of wearing masks is going to run a long way.

Apart from infectious and respiratory infections, custom masks are also made for other uses, such as anti-pollution, etc. Like Personalized Respirator Masks, Customizable recycled face masks for lay citizens. Hospitals or nursing homes may use a range of personalized disposable masks, in particular logo or name written masks.

Our facemasks are washable as well as reusable and fits perfectly from nose to chin with ease in breathing. Our company provides facemasks with a logo printed on the masks.

Our face masks are designed to provide a protective covering to the face in such a way that it does not allow germs to enter the human body while breathing. The face masks are made of high quality raw material. The products are Bacteria Filtration Efficient (BFE). The facemasks are low breathing resistance, hypoallergenic, fluid resistance and fiberglass free. The face mask minimizes patient contamination to exhaled micro-organisms.

The face masks made in our company can vary in design. The facemasks are lab approved and are highly demanded to protect from coronavirus. The personalized face masks have high bacteria filtration, low breathing resistance, fluid resistance, hypoallergenic, fiberglass free, and air permeability with the metal nose clip. These face masks are cool and comfortable, they are sterilized by E.O gas and are available in tie-on or elasticated ear loops.

The various features of the facemask are that the masks are made up of high-quality raw material, have Bacteria Filtration Efficient (BFE) products, have low breathing resistance, are fluid resistant, hypoallergenic, and fiberglass free. These facemasks reduce exposure to blood and body fluids and minimize patient contamination to exhaled micro-organisms.

The facemasks can be customized for the customers since it gives them satisfaction and a logo on the facemask also increases the awareness of our brand. Our company provides both printed and plain facemasks according to the wants of the customers. Hence, we provide personalized facemasks too.

The face masks made have a robust manufacturing facility and also have full control over the entire production and supply. This has provided the company an edge over its competitors. We also have a world class manufacturing and warehousing facility.

Our company makes personalized face masks for both adults and children. People can also create their custom mask by simply uploading the images or business logo with our easy to use online tool. The facemasks with brand name and logos are an excellent way to promote brand awareness.

Our company also have a range of images and facemasks designs available from which the customers can choose from. But these logo facemasks are not medical devices or personal protective equipment (PPE).

We provide high quality products and are in the mask manufacturing business due to the health and well-being of the people. We do not make any compromise with their products and that is why we are seen as a responsible company. We focus on giving the products in the market which meet all the healthcare standards.

The products of the company are all confirmed from the government and are certified ISO and CE standards. Our company provides facemasks to the customers at an affordable price. Hence, our company has gained a reputation as one of the most reliable and disposable healthcare product suppliers in the country.

Provide Safety with Custom Face Masks in Bulk

Whether for Coronavirus, flu, or just general facial protection, the types of facial masks and shields that offer safety and security are also appreciated. When you move your logo on blank or personalized face masks to clients and staff, you demonstrate that you put their wellbeing first.

Order now custom face mask and facemask in bulk. Provide the clients and staff with an additional layer of protection, made and non-custom face masks, shields and hooks.

We're going to answer some of the top questions about face masks, like the styles of face masks, as well as recommend top brands so you can distribute them with confidence.

What kind of face masks are, and who should wear them?

Suddenly, we're expected to become face mask experts, which can be quite overwhelming. Don't worry—we're here with an explanation of the four main types of masks, as well as product recommendations by WHO.

Non-Surgical Face Masks

Non-surgical face masks are usually made of non-woven polypropylene. It offers protection against liquid particles, allergens and dust. This type of non surgical face mask fits loosely over the mouth and nose and is secured by ear loops. After one use, it is recommended to dispose of non-surgical face masks.

Blank Disposable 3-Layer Non-Surgical Face Mask: These kind of face masks are made of fine three layers of non-woven fabric and are soft and breathable. Blank disposable 3-layer non-surgical face masks coming in boxes of different quantities like 200 masks, 100 masks, 50 masks.

Disposable Non-Surgical Face Masks in Pouch: Each set of five non-surgical face masks comes in a drawer pouch, customized with your company message or brand logo. They're coming in boxes of 100 masks.

Who should wear non-surgical face masks?

The general public should wear non-surgical face masks.

Surgical Face Masks

Surgical face masks are masks usually used by health care staff like doctor, nurses who are working in hospitals. To avoid the transmission of germs through liquid particles. They are licensed for use by the professionals only. Administration of Food and Medicines (FDA). It is advised that surgical face masks be disposed of after one use.

Who should wear surgical face masks?

Healthcare practitioners and vital staff, such as physicians, doctors and nurses, should wear surgical masks.

KN95 Mask

KN95 Respirators (or masks) offer the best degree of safety and conform with the Vietnam KN95 specification. Global Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) rating of air filtration. These face masks are secured to the face to filter at least 95% of the airborne particles.

Who should wear N95 respirators facemask?

Healthcare professionals and vital workers, such as surgeons, doctors and nurses, should wear KN95 respirator face masks.

Frequently Asked Question on Custom Facemask

1. What's the mask made of?

These reusable face masks are made of polyester cloth and have adjustable ear bands.

2. How am I going to design my mask?

There are two adjustable zones on each side of the mask. You can modify them by adding your text, picture or design. Share your design to our face mask manufacturer.

3. Can I buy a white mask?

Yes, you can also buy a pure white mask by simply removing the photos on either side and putting the order.

4. May I use the mask again?

Yes. The mask is reusable and can be cleaned during use.

5. Are these custom masks suitable for use in medical settings? Will Health Care Workers take advantage of this against COVID-19?

These custom Face Masks are NOT medical-grade surgical masks, personal protection devices or N-95 respirators and thus cannot be used by health care personnel against COVID-19. For surgical mask you contact us here.

6. Do these masks help inhibit the dissemination of COVID-19?

The use of these masks, along with other prevention steps such as regular hand-washing and social distancing, is an efficient means of slowing the dissemination of the virus and helping to deter the transmission of COVID-19 to those who have yet not known the virus.

Why Choose us to Order Face Masks With Company Logo in Bulk Products?

  • We keep prices down, so you'll be able to only make a lot of impressions.

  • Over 50 years, we have helped 3 million businesses worldwide.

  • Provide high quality products at affordable prices.

  • 2-3 days mask making process and instant delivery system

  • No Hidden Fees!

  • Vietnam and US Based Industry Professionals.

Promote health and safety with custom logo face masks

Contact our Facemask-Vietnam team today to order custom face masks products for your company.

You will be contacted shortly on the given phone number or e-mail address once you submit the form so please don't miss out on these details.

You can also write to us on or call us at +84 (0) 933 914 065 for placing your order.

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