Updated: Aug 30, 2020

N-95 Mask
N-95 Mask

N-95 masks are one of the embodiments of personal care equipment that helps human beings protect from viruses. The name connotation is N-standing for “Non-oil” and 95 indicates 95 percent of purification.

N-95 masks are special kinds of masks used by consumers to stay safe from contaminated, harmful air droplets and liquid which can cause adverse effects on one's immune system. As the name indicates, these masks approximately block 95 percent of particles from getting into contact with the wearer’s surface.

During the coronavirus outbreak, one of the most important precautions is to avoid transmission of these droplets. Hence masks are in force to do this job and N-95 masks stand to be most prioritized masks and here is why. These masks are designed to get strict facial fit and better levels of purification of air.

As everything has a certain way to do, there is a specified way to wear N-95 masks and it goes on as follows- As we are using these to fight with microbes it is always advised to sanitize hands properly before touching the masks. Then with clean hands, masks can be worn in a way such that they cover both mouths, nose of the then end-user for effective results.

Having known the method to wear the next question is the usability of N-95 masks. These masks are usually termed to be “limited usability”. In general, it is intended one can use this for 8 hours for medical workers.

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However, officials have stated that normally it can be used for a long time if taken care of few points such as: not touching the inside of the mask, cleaning and storing the masks in the most hygienic manner, sanitizing hands before and after using masks. But if it happens that one touches inside of masks it becomes the host for bacteria and leads to improper breathing which is a great risk.

Hence the N-95 masks are to be used with utmost care. If N-95 masks are dirty and have to be disposed then the user has to put them into plastic bags covered completely and then be thrown away. Washing hands before and after the process is a must. The most important note is that these masks aren’t shared and should be used individually at strict terms of hygiene.

There are various kinds of N-95 masks such as:

· N-95 8210

· N-95 8511

· N-95 respirator

· Moldex N-95 disposable mask

· SAMPEES unisex N-95 mask

However, the CDC doesn’t recommend the general public to use N-95 masks as simple clothing is enough to save a person with routine chores. However, medicals workers strictly use these masks as they are always around victims of such transmissible diseases.

People with respiratory-related problems are highly recommended to avoid using these as these masks make seal kind of thing around the user’s nose and mouth which might lead to the risk of improper breathing.

There are exhalation valves the only in few models hence such models can be used after consultation of a doctor. These are not usable for children, old aged, people with severe respiratory problems, and people with high levels of facial hair.

Basically the N-95 masks were designed for construction workers and other industrial workers who work in great impure surroundings of air. However, some of these types are intended to be used by medical workers as the composition of masks is due to synthetic polymers.

There are various online platforms as well as offline stores providing N-95 masks to help people stay safe but having a medical provider advise is best. As we always knew “precaution is better than cure”, let’s put our best to save ourselves from this pandemic using the tips of medical workers to use N-95 masks, sanitizers, and social distancing.

So let’s mask our society and let’s end the pandemic.

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