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Scientists are diluting chemicals in a ‘flask’ to protect from corona; Only do one ‘task’ to stay away from Corona; When you step outside wear a ‘mask’ to stay away from corona: Mask is a must and is for own safety if you don’t wear it life will be absolute hazy.

The greatest of greatest years have passed and after a good run, there comes a shady year and so as 2020. Every day, we wake up watching shocking news and beholding events full of pity. Whether it be suicides committed so far or people dying of depression or the disgraceful events forced by societal pressure. The focus of the year is undoubtedly the deadly virus -‘Coronavirus’.

Mask for corona for domestic, Industrial & medical needs
Mask for corona for domestic, Industrial & medical needs

As its name gives chills down the spine, it is more horrific than it sounds. This virus is transmitted through tiny droplets from the infected person while sneezing or coughing or talking. Measures and guidelines have been laid by the Government regarding social distancing as the sole way to prevent the risk of the deadly virus.

Apart from social distancing, there are many ways to prevent the virus. The 2 most common pieces of advice and the most useful ways to reduce the risk of the disease are washing hands more often and ‘wearing a mask’. Selling masks have been increasingly in competition with customized and fashionable masks available in the market. There are many masks sold in the market but not all masks are protective and, assists in preventing Covid-19. Masks which help prevent coronavirus are as follows :

Surgical masks

Surgical masks are the masks that are usually used by doctors for surgeries and are loose-fitting masks that cover up the nose, chin, and mouth. These medical face masks are disposable as these are not waterproof. These can be easily spoiled and must be used for 2-3 times only. These are easily identifiable as the colors of these masks are very attractive. Surgical face masks are blue or light turquoise.

When a Covid-19 infected person sneezes or coughs, whether these masks will protect you from being infected or not, it depends on the size of the particles. If the particle size is very small, this type of mask will not function and hence won’t save you from Coronavirus. If the particle size is large, surgical masks will prove its worth and help protect from the deadly virus.

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N95 Respirators

These are advanced-level masks that act as a shield against every size of the respiratory particle. The reason that it protects from even smaller particles is that it contains four layers of different material, i.e. spun-bond polypropylene, a secondary layer of cellulose, melt-blown polypropylene filter material, and the last layer again of spun-bound polypropylene. Unlike surgical masks, these are tightly fitted which makes it suffocative and unfit in the long run. These are however reusable but these also come with an expiry date as plastic components in the mask can break down with time. 

These masks are found in different colors like yellow, brown, grey, black, maroon, etc. but mainly identified in white. The name N95 so has a simple logic behind its name. These n95 masks according to US standards clear out or protects you from 95% of the very small particles; and this 95% mantra led to its name.

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Reusable face masks 

Studies suggest that wearing homemade reusable face masks made of cloth is highly recommendable. These masks are in great functionality when worn in public places; it safeguards the people around you. An added advantage of these masks is cost-effective. These can be made at home from any material and in abundance; so there is unlimited affording of the raw matter. Reusable cloth masks are washable and reusable. 

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What makes these masks not so helpful is the uncertainty of your safety from the smaller droplets. These might or might not protect you from all the respiratory droplets exhaled by the infected person. These three masks protect you from Coronavirus but some applications of N95 make it the best mask to be used during these catastrophic times.

A common mistake is made by most of the people while wearing surgical masks. A surgical mask has a malleable metal strip/rod on the upper side which is worn on the nose. The first step in wearing a surgical mask is to keep the upper portion of the mask on the nose and then bend & adjust the strip in such a manner that it is tightened to the nasal bone. Then take the thread to the ear. Adjust the lower portion of the mask as per the convenience so that it covers the chin also.

‘Prevention is better than cure’; this applies the best to novel Coronavirus. The disease is hard to be cured and defeated but precautions are laid down by the government and have to be applied. Basic and the sole instruction to be followed regarding the same is wearing a mask but many people are still ignorant about the right mask to be worn while going outside the home. Social distancing is vital but it can’t be judiciously followed in a populous country like India so it makes ‘the knowledge about masks’ very crucial. Greatness comes with sharing knowledge. So wear a mask and bring a smile on your face in these tough times.

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