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Wearing of the mask is like a partial eclipse in man. The outbreak of COVID-19, a deadly virus, from the city of Wuhan in China has brought a threat to human civilization. It is an infectious communicable disease that is capable of transmitting from one to hundreds rapidly and has a broad and overlapping spectrum of symptoms. To prevent this transmission the use of masks has become very essential. Wearing the mask can control the spread of this respiratory viral disease which is on the way to eradicate the world population, killing millions across the world till date.

Face Mask for Coronavirus
Face Mask for Corona virus - Protect your Society

Keeping in mind the grave circumstances that are prevailing, the utilization of masks has become mandatory for every citizen of all the affected countries across the globe. Though social distancing, good health hygiene are important measures to control the coronavirus spread, wearing of masks in public can avert the transmission from the affected person. According to the present researches on the COVID-19, it has been found that the dissemination is mainly occurring through the speech droplets while we are conversing, through sneezing, and also through breathing. Hence, the covering of nasal and oral passages has become strictly obligatory.

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Recent studies have discovered that this deadly virus after entering the host body attacks the victim’s lungs and later results in multi-organ collapse leading ultimately to death. Proper sanitizing and proper wearing of masks has become an essential regular activity as it has been found that the transmission of the disease occurs from an infected person even in the absence of any symptoms.

They are termed as asymptomatic which are increasing in number. Wearing of masks has some notable benefits which include prevention of infection in a public setting where social distancing is difficult to maintain, like in market places or in a sudden social gathering. Putting on a mask also keeps us aware of the present serious situation and also helps to maintain healthy good habits. But it is also to be noted that masks should not be worn by children younger than two years or by individuals who are incapable of removing masks by themselves in case they feel the shortness of breath.

There are generally two types of masks that are used by individuals which are namely medical (including surgical face mask and N95s) and non-medical masks. The medical masks are generally recommended for the health care workers who are in continuous exposure to the viral environment providing care to the patients and non-medical masks are recommended for the general use which can be made from the household items like double-layered cotton fabric, bandanas, and bedsheets. It must be secured with ear loops or ties and must ensure that it is tightly worn to prevent any gaps. At the same time, it must also ensure the wearer’s ability to breathe.

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Certain measures should be taken while putting on masks. The hands should be well sanitized before putting on the mask and while using, the front of the mask should not be touched with hands and while removing the mask also the same thing is to be followed. The masks need to be washed daily or sanitized with an alcohol-based sanitizer (at least with 70-75% of alcohol). If it is contaminated and reused, it will become a source of infection instead. For the health-care workers, the face mask ought to be accompanied by the use of a face shield for extra care and protection from getting contaminated.

Another important property of this respiratory protective apparatus is its structure of minute pores. According to some virologists, the pore size of the mask is the main component that allows or prevents the passage of the pathogen. The study says that coronavirus is an extremely minute body that can pass through the pores of both surgical masks and N95 respirators. This property has led to the life threats of manly health workers who are getting infected while serving mankind. Keeping that in mind they need to be taken extra care to prevent them from getting infected. Their masks should be prepared with special care so that the apparatus has such structural pores that can prevent the entry of pathogens.

The SARS-Cov-2 is the seventh human coronavirus identified. It spreads rapidly through four different routes- aerosol droplets, physical contact, the fecal-oral route, and airborne route causing the respiratory disorder. Hence, the proper wearing of a mask can’t be ignored. Mask is required for the protection of both healthy individuals to prevent oneself from the contact of an infected person and also for source control to prevent any further transmission of infection.

However, the use of a mask alone is insufficient to provide a protective shield from the grasp of this fatal disease. Other preventive measures for the individuals and at the community level should opt. Frequent sanitization of the self and the other useful objects that come to the physical contact also need to be well cleaned. In case the mask fails to provide safety, a regular inhalation of hot water steam kills the COVID germs, as said by the COVID investigators. There’s a new turn in the wheel of the fate of mankind where they have to learn to live in an obscuring manner bearing the hindrances of breathing. Despite bearing the pangs of breathing, it comes to the limelight, that both surgical and cotton masks seem to be ineffective in preventing the dissemination of SARS-Cov-2 from spreading its infected venomous web within the human community.

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