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After the spread of the coronavirus face masks and surgical gowns started to be widely used by people all over the world. Face masks now have become compulsory for every human being since the virus is contagious. Therefore, wearing a mask will protect the person from exposure to droplets sneezed or coughed out by an infected person. People started using various kinds of masks which included disposable face masks and disposable surgical gowns were mostly used by doctors and health workers.

Disposable Surgical Isolation Gowns
Disposable Surgical Isolation Gowns

COVID masks and gowns production have now become the top priority of disposable gown manufacturers in Vietnam while the use of face masks for kids and adults to help slow the spread of coronavirus. The disposable gown suppliers provide the best quality surgical gowns in small, medium and large sizes of gowns which are disposable.

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The disposable surgical gown is made from high-quality non-woven fabric. Its made of good quality material, provides good air permeability, gives liquid protection, dry particle protection and can be used conveniently for many purposes.

The disposable gowns for hospitals have elastic wrists, waist and ankles to make sure a better fit and freedom of movement. It also has serged seams, attached hood and storm flap to assist provide higher standard protection. The disposable gowns are dustproof as well as waterproof. It prevents blood penetration and are anti-static.

The disposable surgical gowns have front long zipper, elastic cuffs, waist and ankles and attached hood to assist provide higher standard protection. The gown is light weight and have a breathable cover. The fabric provides a cool and comfortable work environment.

Our disposable surgical gowns are made from highly efficient filtering protective materials. They are compact in structure and also may effectively block liquids and particulates. They are also covered with a special breathable membrane static electricity, anti-penetration, while resisting a spread of organic solvents, acids and alkalis, and it has good comfort, adjust elasticity at the waist with rubber bands. The gowns have a loose style design to satisfy the customers’ various activities.

Our products are designed in accordance with a particular application environment.

The cuffs of the products are elastically designed to make them safer and protective and therefore the elastic waistband makes it more flexible and convenient at work. Our products are extremely used in workshops in hospitals, electronics, pharmaceuticals, food, laboratories and other industries. At the same time, we have a huge variety of colours and specifications for various environments.

The disposable surgical gowns are produced according to the national medical production license. All the products have undergone security inspection before reaching the customers, and have obtained product quality inspection certificates and relevant qualification certificates.

The disposable gown manufacturers in Vietnam are exceeding international health facility standards. They have the most modern coronavirus masks and gown making machines which have the state of the art manufacturing facilities. The disposable gown suppliers ensure stricter quality control and maintain a hygienic presence in the factory.

The disposable gown manufacturers in Vietnam are exporting coronavirus masks and gowns to more than 90 countries. They export all around the world and also have a good business network among distributors and wholesalers worldwide.

The disposable gown suppliers export and deliver bulk face masks in wholesale to various countries at an affordable shipping cost.

In addition, we have a young and competent business team, through continuous learning of product knowledge and repair skills, to provide customers from all over the world with the best service. Our company features a complete set of production and testing links. Our protective products are made from highly efficient filtering protective material. They are compact in structure in accordance with national production licenses and undergo a security inspection before leaving the factory.

The disposable gowns in hospitals have quality certification products and that they have professional teamwork and production line which can make good quality in a brief time. We even have special team work for after-sales service 24*7 to assist customers solve any kind of problem.

The disposable surgical gowns are durable, comfortable, light, soft, abrasion and static electricity resistant. They are air and vapour permeable while resisting water fluid and aerosol.

The gown is made from 100% high density non-woven, and it does not contain any additives or adhesives. With a perfect smooth surface, the disposable surgical gown is able to oust inorganic liquid and prevent splashing of chemicals. Solid dust also cannot attach to the gown as well.

The disposable surgical gown in hospitals is coated specially to prevent harmful, extremely fine dust, high density inorganic acid, alkali and salt solutions effectively. It is proved that the surgical gown provides protection against the virus.

Hence, the disposable gown manufacturers in Vietnam have gained a reputation as one of the most reliable disposable healthcare product suppliers in Vietnam. This is because our company contribute to the well being of the individuals and to the progress of medicine. They also offer good quality services and enhance the lives and health of individuals. We work closely with the medical profession to give extremely high quality and hygienic products to the people all around the world.

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