COVID mask production is our top priority while the use of face masks for kids and adults to help slow the spread of coronavirus. KN95 Mask in small, medium, and large sizes and disposable KN95 Face Masks are now available.

KN95 Mask - High-quality Disposable Mask KN95 from Vietnam

A KN95 respirator mask is a respiratory defensive mask intended to accomplish an extremely close facial fit and exceptionally effective filtration of airborne particles. You can find bulk wholesale kn95 face masks, Vietnam sellers have them in stock.

kN95 protection mask for sale. Our KN95 face masks are ISO and CE certified. KN95 disposable face masks are suitable for respiratory protection, filters dust, coronavirus (COVID19), bacteria, diseases, smoke, droplets & particles in the air.


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KN95 Mask Highlights

  1. Accompanies a breathing valve to give additional security from poisons 

  2. Round flexible with better ease 

  3. Affirmed KN95 cover which gives filtration above 95% 

  4. Ultrasonically welded headband and flexible nose cut

Prima KN95 Anti Pollution Face Mask with Breathing Valve accompanies various layers of insurance against coronavirus or COVID-19. The mask accompanies a breathing valve which ensures that it doesn't choke you out.


It additionally has a flexible nose cut which offers the greatest solace. It is intended to give you dependable respiratory insurance. The face mask wholesale Vietnam sellers use all the necessary steps while making these masks.

What is KN95 Respirator Mask?

We are the best KN95 mask manufacturer Vietnam and we make individual defensive gear that keeps the wearer from breathing in mist concentrates just as fumes or gases are wellbeing dangers against Covid-19. Not at all like typical careful mask that just ensures against irresistible beads (for example beads of spit or different emissions), kN95 mask wholesale can likewise shield the wearer from breathing in smaller scale airborne irresistible specialists, for example, airborne infection (counting coronavirus, SARS, H1N1, and so forth). 

N90 alludes to a vaporized filtration of at any rate 80% and spillage to within most extreme 22%. This mask is principally utilized as a residue cover (home remodels and different kinds of work). 


KN95 masks, otherwise called FFP2 masks in the European norm, have at least 95% filtration rate and most extreme 8% spillage within. They are for the most part utilized in development, agribusiness, and by social insurance experts against flu infections. As the most widely recognized and smash hit kind of respirator cover, Disposable KN95 masks have been demonstrated successful for insurance against the coronavirus. 


We are the best disposable KN95 mask manufacturer Vietnam, and called FFP3 masks in the European norm, are the most sifting masks in the market. With a base filtration level of 99% and greatest 2% spillage to within, KN95 mask in bulk secure against fine particles, for example, asbestos. Buy the best KN95 mask manufacturer Vietnam to insure against coronavirus.

KN95 Mask Uses:

It is a perfect decision against dust, smell, dust and poisons. 

Disposable KN95 Mask Product Information

  • A disposable elastic ear loop KN95 face mask is made of non-woven fiber fabric 

  • Highly comfortable and breathable, soft and skin-friendly

  • KN95 mask is easy to use

  • Disposable KN95 face mask filters non-toxic dust, and general household dust 

  • KN95 disposable masks are so light and breathable that they can easily be doubled up for extra protection.

  • Elastic ear loop KN95 face masks, which can be used for yourself or gift for friends, give you long lasting protection to enjoy life.

  • ISO and CE approved KN95 face mask used by professional doctors and nurses

  • Prevent disease and air infections like coronavirus

  • KN95 mask is suitable for every situation for painting, building construction, hospitals, medical centers, dental uses and people with allergies.

  • Perfect for both indoor-outdoor activities, cycling, running, hiking, work safety, air pollution caused by wildfire or industry, seasonal allergy, construction.

KN95 Disposable Mask Specification and Features:

  • Accompanies a breathing valve and is flexible nose cut for an agreeable fit 

  • Has ear circles and different layers of assurance 

  • Broadened dust holding limit and supportive against dust, scent, dust and poisons 

  • Offers a six-layer of incredible filtration to give assurance from microorganisms and contamination

KN95 Mask - Product dimensions:

  • Size of carton :40 x 35 x 42 cm

  • 50 pcs / box

  • 12 boxes / carton -1 carton 600 pcs

  • Minimum order-35 cartons​

KN95 Mask for Sale, Order it now. Buy KN95 Respirator Masks Online at Low Price in Vietnam  

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KN95 Respirator Mask is worn to protect the wearer from viruses, bacteria, pollen and other particles.

Headings For Use: 

Expel the mask from the crate and thinking about the firm bendable edge as top side.  

Hold the mask by the ear circles at that point form or squeeze the firm edge to the state of the nose and pull the base of the cover to cover your mouth and jawline. 


Well being Information: 
  1. Peruse the name cautiously before use 

  2. Keep far from the youngsters 

  3. Stay away from its stockpiling in a hot and damp spot 

  4. Store the cover in a flawless and cleanliness region 


The 'KN95' assignment implies that when exposed to cautious testing, the respirator hinders at any rate 95 percent of little (0.3 micron) test particles. On the off chance that appropriately fitted, the filtration capacities of KN95 respirators mask surpass those of face masks. In any case, even an appropriately fitted KN95 respirator doesn't totally kill the danger of ailment or passing. You may have spotted the medical mask KN95 suppliers Vietnam have been making. 


A KN95 respirator is a respiratory defensive mask intended to accomplish a nearby facial fit and extremely productive filtration of airborne particles and coronavirus or COVID-19. Note that the edges of the respirator are intended to shape a seal around the nose and mouth. Careful KN95 Respirators mask are usually utilized in medicinal services settings and are a subset of KN95 Filtering Facepiece Respirators (FFRs), regularly alluded to as KN95s. 


How KN95 Face Masks Work?


At the point when somebody who has COVID-19 hacks, wheezes, or talks, they send little beads with the coronavirus into the air. That is the place a KN95 mask can help. 

A KN95 face mask covers your mouth and nose. It can obstruct the arrival of infection filled beads into the air when you hack or sniffle. This eases back the spread of COVID-19. 

Will face masks shield me from the coronavirus (COVID19)? 


A normal face mask won't thoroughly hinder the coronavirus. Be that as it may, it's an additional layer of security for you and the individuals around you when you use it alongside ordinary handwashing and social removing measures like remaining 6 feet from others. Masks for coronavirus or KN95 respirator masks fit firmly around your face. They sift through 95% or a greater amount of the littlest particles noticeable all around. However, they need to fit perfectly so as to work.


How are we the best KN95 mask manufacturer?


We are the driving supplier of clinical innovation items and one of the world's best KN95 mask manufacturer Vietnam. The company structures create, produce and supplies single-utilize clinical KN95 masks utilized by emergency clinics and social insurance suppliers for analytic and helpful strategies in basic consideration and careful applications. KN95 musk bulk productivity is 500k weekly. That means total production involved in a process divided by the number of variable unit inputs employed reaches 500k per week which is high. It provides a high advantage if you buy the KN95 mask in bulk or a KN95 mask wholesale. 

Shipping Details for Bulk KN95 Face Mask 

Because of the COVID-19 situation, we are unable to ship through ship outside Vietnam. In case you need the KN95 respirator face mask in bulk or in wholesale price quantity, additional flight charges would be applicable. Our KN95 face mask is manufactured in a safe and professional environment with the utmost safety approach and is completely safe to use and is of standard quality.