COVID Coronavirus mask production is our top priority while the use of surgical face masks for doctors and medical staffs to help slow the spread of coronavirus. Disposable surgical mask in small, medium, and large sizes and custom surgical masks are now available.

Disposable Surgical Mask Vietnam Made

Disposable surgical masks are basically a piece of material tied around the essence of a specialist or attendant. Nowadays the medical sector utilizing non-woven textures produced using plastics like polypropylene to channel and secure. They are additionally accessible in various styles and grades relying upon the degree of insurance the client requires. 


Searching for more data on surgical masks to meet your clinical sourcing needs? We've made this guide laying out certain nuts and bolts about these masks just as how they're made. You can find wholesale disposable surgical face masks, Vietnam sellers have them in stock.


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Disposable Surgical Mask Vietnam Made
Disposable Surgical Mask Vietnam Made

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Disposable Surgical Mask Disposable mask
Disposable Surgical Mask Disposable mask

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What are Surgical Masks Used for? 

Disposable surgical masks are intended to continue working rooms clean, keeping germs like coronavirus (COVID 19) from the mouth and nose of a wearer from polluting a patient during a medical procedure. 


In spite of the fact that they have seen an ascent in fame among shoppers during flare-ups, for example, the coronavirus. Disposable surgical masks are not intended to sift through infections, which are littler than germs. You can find wholesale surgical face masks, from the best mask manufacturing and supplier, Vietnam made bulk surgical mask sellers have them in stock.

Sorts of Disposable Surgical Masks 

There are four degrees of ASTM affirmation that disposable surgical masks are ordered in, contingent upon the degree of assurance they give to the individual wearing them: Least assurance face masks are intended for short strategies or tests that won't include liquid, splash, or vaporized. 

  1. Level 1 face masks regularly include ear circles and are the general standard for both surgical and procedural applications, with a liquid obstruction of 80 mmHg. They're intended for okay circumstances where there will be no liquid, shower, or vaporized. 

  2. Level 2 masks, with 120 mmHg liquid opposition, give a hindrance against light or moderate vaporized liquid, and splash. 

  3. Level 3 face masks are for overwhelming conceivable introduction to airborne, liquid and splash, with 160 mmHG liquid opposition.

Disposable Surgical Mask - Product Dimensions 

Size of carton : 52 x 38 x 61 cm  50 pcs / box 

50 boxes / carton 

1 carton 2500 pcs

Disposable Surgical Mask and Surgical Respirator Are Same? 

It ought to be noticed that disposable surgical masks are not equivalent to surgical respirators. 


Masks are made to go about as obstructions to sprinkles or pressurized canned products, (for example, the dampness from a sniffle), and they fit freely to the face. 


Respirators are made to sift through airborne particles, for example, infections and microscopic organisms, and make a seal around the mouth and nose. Respirators ought to be utilized in situations when patients have viral contaminants like Coronavirus (Covid-19) or particles, fume or gas are available. You can find wholesale face surgical masks, Vietnam sellers have them in stock.

Why Should You Use A Surgical Mask?

Surgical masks are likewise not equivalent to procedural covers. Procedural masks are utilized in clean situations in medical clinics including serious consideration and maternity units, yet they are not affirmed for clean conditions, for example, the working room. So professional medical specialists use these disposable surgical masks while treatment of the patient during a medical procedure. 

Why Choose Us For Surgical Mask?

During this crisis, peoples are getting infected due to coronavirus (COVID19) and admitted to medical centers, hospitals, clinics. And their treatment is done by the doctors, nurses, medical specialties. So we are offering the best quality disposable medical surgical mask to protect medical staff while treating COVID patients. 


We are the best surgical masks producer in Vietnam and we make singular cautious apparatus that shields the wearer from taking in fog focuses similarly as vapor or gases are prosperity threats against COVID-19. Not in the least like run of the mill cautious cover that just guarantees against compelling dots (for instance dots of spit or various outflows), surgical masks discount can in like manner shield the wearer from taking in littler scope airborne overwhelming authorities, for instance, airborne contamination (tallying coronavirus, SARS, H1N1, etc).

How are Disposable Surgical Masks Made? 

Surgical face masks are made with non-woven texture, which has better microscopic organisms filtration and air penetrability while staying less tricky than woven fabric. The material most usually used to make them is polypropylene, either 20 or 25 grams for each square meter (gsm) in thickness. Covers can likewise be made of polystyrene, polycarbonate, polyethylene, or polyester. 


20 gsm mask material is made in a spun-bond procedure, which includes expelling the dissolved plastic onto a transport. The material is expelled in a web, wherein strands bond with one another as they cool. 25 gsm texture is made through melt-blown innovation, which is a comparable procedure where plastic is expelled through a pass on with several little spouts and passed up sight-seeing to become small filaments, again cooling and authoritative on a transport. These filaments are not exactly a micron in distance across. 


Disposable surgical masks are a multi-layered structure, for the most part by covering a layer of material with non-woven reinforced texture on the two sides. Non-wovens, which are less expensive to make and cleaner on account of their dispensable nature, are made with three or four layers. These expendable covers are frequently made with two-channel layers compelling at sifting through particles, for example, microscopic organisms over 1 micron. The filtration level of a veil, in any case, relies upon the fiber, the manner in which it's produced, the web's structure, and the fiber's cross-sectional shape. Disposable surgical masks are made on a machine line that collects the nonwovens from bobbins, ultrasonically welds the layers together, and stamps the covers with nose strips, ear circles, and different pieces. 


Finished surgical masks are then cleaned before being conveyed to the manufacturing plant.

Vietnam made Surgical Mask Undergoes Several Tests 

When Surgical masks are made, they should be tried to guarantee their security in different circumstances. There are five tests they should be gotten through: 


Microscopic organisms filtration proficiency in vitro (BFE). This test works by shooting an airborne with staphylococcus aureus microbes at the cover at 28.3 liters every moment. This guarantees the veil can get the level of microbes it should. 


Molecule Filtration Efficiency. Otherwise called the latex molecule challenge, this test includes splashing a vaporized polystyrene microspheres to guarantee the veil can channel the size of the molecule it should. 


Breathing opposition. To guarantee the cover will hold its shape and have legitimate ventilation while the wearer inhales, breathing obstruction is tried by shooting a progression of air at it, at that point estimating the distinction in pneumatic force on the two sides of the veil. 


Sprinkle obstruction. In sprinkle obstruction tests, surgical masks are sprinkled with recreated blood utilizing powers like human pulse to guarantee the fluid can't enter and pollute the wearer. 


Combustibility. Since a few components of a working room can without much of a stretch reason fire, surgical covers are tried for combustibility by being determined to fire to quantify how gradually it gets and to what extent the material takes to consume. ASTM levels 1, 2, and 3 are totally required to be Class 1 fire safe.

How Are We The Best Surgical Mask Producer, Manufacturer and Supplier? 

We are the driving provider of clinical development things and one of the world's best Surgical Masks producer Vietnam. The Company structures, makes, delivers and supplies single-use clinical contraptions used by crisis centers and social protection providers for expository and supportive methodologies in essential thought and cautious applications.


The efficiency is 500k week after week. That implies all our creation engaged with a procedure isolated by the quantity of variable unit inputs utilized arrives at 10 million weekly which is high. It gives a highly favorable position on the off chance that you purchase the surgical masks in bulk or surgical masks wholesale.

How Are We The Best Surgical Mask Producer, Manufacturer and Supplier? 

Due to the COVID-19 circumstance, we can't deliver through boat outside Vietnam. In the event that you need the items, extra flight charges would be appropriate. Our item is produced in a protected and expert condition with the most extreme security approach and is totally sheltered to utilize and is of standard quality.