COVID Isolation gown production is our top priority while the use of disposable gown for healthcare proffesionals and adults to help slow the spread of coronavirus. Disposable surgical gown in small, medium, and large sizes and sterilized PP non woven disposable gown Vietnam made are now available.

Sterilized PP Disposable Surgical Gown Vietnam Made

Disposable surgical gowns PP are close to personal defensive gowns utilized by numerous individuals in social insurance. Disposable surgical gown PP are utilized by specialists and the health care staff like doctors, nurses and medical treatment groups for a wide range of methodologies. Our Vietnam made sterilized disposable PP surgeon gown gives a breathable, defensive hindrance for the medical specialists and all social insurance suppliers and protection from coronavirus (COVID). We are a professional disposable gown manufacturer and exporter specializing in non-woven disposable surgical gowns.


Disposable surgical gowns PP gives boundary security to forestall blood strike through and liquid defilement. Most PP protective disposable gowns are isolation gowns which are sterile and arrived in a wide assortment of sizes and forms. Disposable PP gowns can be bought alone or inside careful packs. There are numerous high quality disposable gowns for regularly performed medical surgeries.

Sterilized PP Disposable Surgical Gown V
Sterilized PP Disposable Surgical Gown V

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Sterilized PP Disposable Surgical Gown M
Sterilized PP Disposable Surgical Gown M

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Disposable Surgical Gown Vietnam Made
Disposable Surgical Gown Vietnam Made

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Sterilized PP Disposable Surgical Gown V
Sterilized PP Disposable Surgical Gown V

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Disposable Surgical Gowns Are Delivered Non-fortified And Strengthened

Non-strengthened protective disposable surgical gowns are less sturdy and intended for surgeries with low to direct liquid contact. Strengthened sterilizing disposable gowns PP has fortified security in explicit basic regions for progressively intrusive and extreme surgeries. 


Disposable surgical gowns cover and give a boundary to significant zones from the shoulders to the knees and wrists. Disposable PP surgical gowns are generally made with set-In sleeves or raglan sleeves. Non-woven surgical gown accompanies and without a towel. 


Most disposable surgical gowns PPE are produced using a texture called SMS. SMS represents Spun bond Melt blown Spun bond. SMS is a lightweight and agreeable non-woven texture that gives a defensive hindrance.

Sterilized Disposable Surgical Gowns Specification And Features

Disposable gowns PPE are used to shield dress from getting defiled. Our Vietnam made isolation disposable surgical gowns are liquid safe enough to keep body liquids from garments for a brief time frame. Specially designed for medical professionals who do treatment at health care centers.


These non woven PP gowns are utilized for the care of patients on contact safety measures and for sprinkle producing methods. Surgical gowns are expandable and disposable. This is liquid safe or liquid-impermeable, contingent upon the measure of body liquids associated with the technique.

The Do’s

  1. DO perform hand cleanliness before wearing any PPE utilized during understanding consideration, including gloves, head covers, and gowns. 

  2. DO perform hand cleanliness subsequent to doffing any PPE, including gloves, gowns, and covers. 

  3. DO wear a gown in the event that you may interact with blood or body liquids, are thinking about a patient on contact safeguards, or are playing out a careful or intrusive system (e.g., focal line addition). 

  4. DO make sure about the gowns at the base of the neck and at the midriff if the plan of gowns permits or as shown by the producer. 

  5. DO ensure the gowns totally cover your attire—front to back—if the gowns permits, or as shown by the producer. 

  6. DO ensure the isolation gown fits safely around your wrists with gloves pulled over the sleeves. 

  7. DO evacuate the gowns by gradually moving it back to front and away from your body. Keep defiled front and sleeves inside the pack. 

  8. DO evacuate a sullied gown inside the patient's room or an assigned territory outside of the patient's room (antechamber). 

  9. DO discard sullied gowns in the assigned junk or clothing container (if reusable). 

  10. DO follow the system for putting on gowns customized to the particular kind of gowns (e.g., over-the-head gowns).


The Don'ts

  1. DON'T re-utilize the isolation gowns for the equivalent or diverse patient. Expendable and reusable gowns are single time use things and ought to consistently be immediately discarded in the trash or clothing when care is finished. 

  2. Try not to push or move gown sleeves up your lower arm. 

  3. Try not to permit a defiled gown to hang out of the trash. 

  4. Try not to wear a debased gown outside of the patient's consideration territory. 

  5. Try not to wear a non-clean gown when playing out an intrusive methodology or medical procedure. Sterile gowns must be worn in these conditions.

There are four assurance levels for Disposable surgical gowns, careful covers, and other defensive clinical hardware.

Level 1: is utilized for Minimal Risk of presentation circumstances, for example, giving fundamental consideration and spread gowns for guests. 

Level 2: is utilized for Low Risk of presentation circumstances, for example, during basic blood-drawing strategies and stitching. 

Level 3: is utilized for Moderate Risk of presentation circumstances, for example, surgeries and embedding an Intravenous (IV) line. 

Level 4: is utilized for High Risk of presentation circumstances, for example, during long, liquid extreme surgeries.

We are offering Disposable gown dependent on client prerequisite and the primary expect to fulfill our customers, we are occupied with offering a wide scope of various texture Disposable PP gowns.


The utilization of most trend-setting innovations and current machines are being done while fabricating these items. Further, we likewise offer this suit in an assortment of tweaked conditions according to the prerequisites of customers and offer at the sensible costs.

Vietnam Made Disposable PP Gown Advantage 

  • Prevent the alcohol, blood and different liquids from tainting the clinical staff 

  • It is utilized to seclude the pathogen and different components to instigate infection, avoid secondary infection to the patient. 

  • Widely utilized in broad daylight place pestilence anticipation and treatment, and infection polluted territory. 

  • It is broadly utilized in careful operation, patient treatment, to avoid disease.

Expendable isolation surgical gown is particularly intended for the clinical workforce utilizing inactivity. The clinical staff are dressed with them inactivity so the blood, body liquid and exudation of patients, which has the potential disease, can be discouraged adequately to forestall the microscopic organisms contamination. 

  1. Application: Medical and wellbeing, family unit, food industry, and anyplace need insurance 

  2. Material: PE/SPP/nonwoven texture/SMS/PP+PE 

  3. Style:Cuff: Elastic or knitted. Ties on neck and abdomen With disinfected and non-sanitized Round-neck and V-neck and Pockets are accessible 

  4. Size: 115x127cm, 115x136cm, 115x145cm, 130x150cm and as you require 

  5. Nonwoven Weight: 30g or 40g spunbond, 45g or 55g SMS,30g poly-coated spunbond, and 65g spun lace, and etc, PE weight:45g/pc,50g/pc or more 

  6. Color: Blue, exceptional hues can be requested upon demand 

  7. Store: Store in dry, moistness underneath 80%, ventilated, non-destructive gases distribution center

Vietnam Made Disposable Gown Qualities: 

  1. Disposable SMS isolation gown empowers emergency clinics to adjust time and cost against cleanliness issues. 

  2. With contamination control being one of the most significant parts of the medical clinic condition. 

  3. It can assume a significant job in medical clinic contamination control methodology.

Why To Use Disposable Surgical Gowns - Isolation Gowns?

A disposable surgical gown fills two fundamental needs: 

  1. To diminish the transmission of skin verdure from medicinal services staff 

  2. To secure the staff against the blood-borne pathogens of the patient. 


The assurance ought to be reproducible and kept up during the entire medical procedure, even in case of the gowns getting wet with blood, sweat or liquid. Bacterial strike-through is a component of the material utilized, liquid presentation and weight applied.

How Are We The Best  Disposable Surgical Gowns Manufacturer? 

We are the driving supplier of clinical progression things and one of the world's best  disposable surgical gowns - Isolation gowns - bulk non woven gown producers in Vietnam. The association structures make, produce and flexibly single-utilize clinical  disposable surgical gowns PP  utilized by emergency offices and social insurance suppliers for efficient and obliging methods in the central idea and mindful applications.  


Our disposable isolation gowns PP mass effectiveness is 500k without fail. That infers all our creation connected with a methodology isolated by the amount of variable unit inputs used shows up at 500k consistently which is high. It gives a high good situation if you buy the disposable surgical gowns PP in mass or a disposable surgical gowns rebate.

Disposable Surgical Gowns Product Dimension

Size of carton : 56 x 44 x 53 cm

100 pcs / box

MOQ 200 cartons

Transportation Details For Bulk Disposable Surgical Gown

Considering the COVID-19 situation, we can't convey through a pontoon outside Vietnam. If you need the Disposable isolation surgical gowns PP in mass or in a rebate esteem sum, additional flight charges would be suitable. Our PP disposable surgical gowns are created in a shielded and master condition with the most outrageous security approach and are completely ensured to use and are of high standard quality.