COVID face mask production is our top priority while the use of face masks for kids and adults to help slow the spread of coronavirus. Reusable cloth mask in small, medium, and large sizes and custom cloth face masks are now available.

Reusable Cloth Face Mask - 3 Layer Mask From Vietnam 

During this COVID 19 Vietnam Ministry of Industry and Trade in giving our Reusable Cloth Face Mask to individuals.


We at this flu Covid-19 (nCov), propelled an antibacterial fabric 3 layer cloth mask with the longing to contribute with the individuals to ensure their well being.

Why To Use 3 Layers Reusable Cloth Face Mask? 

Reusable_Cloth_Face_Mask_-_3_Layer Mask
Reusable_Cloth_Face_Mask_-_3_Layer Mask

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Reusable_Cloth_Face_Mask_-_3_Layer Mask
Reusable_Cloth_Face_Mask_-_3_Layer Mask

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The PPE Reusable Cloth Face Mask utilizes a 3-Ply plan for expanded security. The main layer is made of a water-safe fabric-based material to square liquids and any beads that leave the wearer's mouth. 


The high thickness sifts layer helps channel through particles, for example, dust or residue. 


The internal layer is structured with an antimicrobial texture to repulse microorganisms, for example, microbes, infections, shape and mold particles. The antimicrobial texture advances dampness development while forestalling stains and rank microorganisms. 


The antibacterial element material cloth face mask can last up to multiple times for washing, the expense is incredibly efficient. 


The utilization of material of 3 ply cloth masks as suggested by the Health part limits waste to nature.

Reusable Cloth Face Mask Product Features: 

  • Made from fine material, breathable, windproof, sweat-ingestion and skin-accommodating. 

  • 3 Layers: 1 Anti-Dust/Water Resistant Layer and 2 Anti-Bacterial Layers 

  • Soft and Comfortable 

  • Washable and Reusable

3 Ply Reusable Cloth Face Mask Security  

May shield from huge beads originating from hacks or sniffles. Reusable masks can fill in as a type of essential security. 

Strongly prescribe to consolidate with social removing, appropriate hand cleanliness, and abstain from contacting face for most noteworthy insurance.

Cleaning Directions For Reusable 3 Layer Cloth Masks 

  1. Hand washing it with a cleanser or cleanser in warm water every day. 

  2. Wash well with new water and hang to air-dry. 

  3. For speedy wash: splash Alsoft Sanitiser on it and let it totally dry to eliminate bacterial and infection before wearing once more.

Putting On A Cloth Mask 

  1. Guarantee you are utilizing a perfect mask. 

  2. Wash hands with cleanser and water or liquor based hand sanitizer before contacting the mask. 

  3. Get a mask by contacting ear circles as it were. 

  4. Hold both ear circles and spot a circle around every ear. 

  5. Fit mask around mouth, nose, and jawline.

While Wearing A Cloth Face Mask 

  1. Remove cloth face mask whenever filthy or clammy and Replace with another mask. 

  2. Do not contact the mask, face, or alter mask while it is on. 

  3. If you contact the face mask, wash hands with a cleanser and water or hand sanitizer immediately. 

  4. Always follow social separating and great cleanliness rehearsals.

Evacuating A Reusable Cloth Face Mask 

  1. Snatch ear circles just and lift the mask off ears. 

  2. Pull the base of the mask off and away from mouth and jawline. 

  3. Put inside a plastic sack (can be shut or fixed shut and wash it at home). 

  4. Clean hands with cleanser and water or liquor based hand sanitizer.

Lightweight And Breathable Cloth Face Mask

Our Vietnam made 3 layers reusable cloth face mask are antibacterial fabric water repellent with the best quality in the market, which is composed of three layers: a light non-woven layer in the middle, a water-repellent treated fabric on the outside and a porous layer on the mouth side.

The mask is pleated and does not have a rigid nose bar. It is machine washable at 60°C. Between two washes, it can be worn between four and eight hours depending on the position. It has an estimated lifetime of twenty washes maximum.

A Technical Mask Born From Our Know-How Infiltration

This reusable three-layer barrier face mask provides double protection against splashing when coughing, sneezing, or spitting.

Reusable Cloth Face Mask Product Information 

A versatile ear loop mount 3 ply reusable facemask is made of non-woven fiber texture 


Profoundly agreeable and breathable, delicate and skin-accommodating 


3 layers cloth face mask provides high-level comfort and easy to use 


Expendable cloth face masks are repellent channels non-harmful residue and general family dust 


Our cloth masks are so light and breathable that they can without much of a stretch be bent over for additional security. 


Flexible ear circle 3 ply face masks, which can be utilized for yourself or present for companions, give you dependable insurance to appreciate life. 


ISO and CE endorsed 3ply face mask utilized by proficient specialists and medical caretakers 

Forestall illness and air contaminants like corona virus (COVID19)


High-quality 3 layers face mask made in Vietnam is appropriate for each circumstance for painting, building development, emergency clinics, clinical focuses, dental uses and individuals with hypersensitivities. 


Our reusable 3ply face masks are ideal for both indoor-open air exercises, cycling, running, climbing, work wellbeing, air contamination brought about by rapidly spreading fire or industry, occasional sensitivity, development.

How Vietnam Made 3 Layer Reusable Cloth Face Masks Work? 

Exactly when someone who has COVID-19 hacks, wheezes, or talks, they send little dots with the coronavirus into the air. That is the spot 3 layers cloth mask can help which is an antibacterial fabric water repellent mask that will stop unwanted diseases like coronavirus. 


A 3 layers cloth face mask will cover your mouth and nose. It can block the appearance of disease filled globules into the air when you hack or wheeze. This moves back to the spread of COVID-19.

Will Confront Cloth Face Masks Shield Me From The Coronavirus? 

A typical face mask won't altogether ruin the coronavirus. In any case, it's an extra layer of security for you and the people around you when you use it nearby standard handwashing and social evacuating measures like staying 6 feet from others. 


Masks for coronavirus or 3 layers antibacterial fabric water repellent reusable cloth face mask masks fit immovably around your face. They filter through 95% or a more prominent measure of the tiniest particles perceptible all around. In any case, they have to fit consummately in order to work.

How Are We The Best Reusable Cloth Face Mask Manufacturers & Suppliers? 

We are the driving provider of clinical advancement things and one of the world's best 3 layers antibacterial fabric water repellent reusable cloth face mask producer, manufacturers and suppliers in Vietnam. The organization structures make, produce and supply single-use clinical 3 layers reusable cloth mask used by crisis facilities and social protection providers for systematic and accommodating techniques in fundamental thought and cautious applications. 


3 ply face mask mass efficiency is 500k week after week. That implies all our creation engaged with a procedure separated by the quantity of variable unit inputs utilized arrives at 500k every week which is high. It gives a highly favorable position in the event that you purchase the 3 layers reusable cloth mask in mass or a 3 layers antibacterial fabric water repellent reusable cloth mask discount.

Transportation Details For Bulk Reusable Cloth Face Mask

In light of the COVID-19 circumstance, we can't deliver through a boat outside Vietnam. On the off chance that you need the 3 layers reusable cloth face mask in mass or in a discount value amount, extra flight charges would be appropriate. 


Our 3 ply reusable cloth face mask is produced in a sheltered and expert condition with the most extreme security approach and is totally protected to utilize and is of standard quality.